I am a Singaporean, Melbourne-based performer and performance maker who lives in Geelong and commutes on the Vline. Fueled by a preoccupation with how transient places, buildings and people are, my performance work attempts to find a connection between space and human, country and citizen, home and inhabitant, individual body and collective culture, fish and aquarium. I have performed in a storeroom, in an urn of water under open skies, in an abandoned fire station, and swam in a life-sized fish tank. 


I have friends in Singapore who will never live in a house with a garden, and friends in Melbourne who will never live high in the sky. In Singapore, I saw psychosis brought about by claustrophobic public transport. In Australia, I experienced long waits for trains brought about by the laid back lifestyle Singaporean commuters dream of. 

How does place affect performances of the everyday, and similarly, how does site influence the performer? How universal or culture-specific is performance, and how/when can it be both? I make work like a floating alien in outer space searches for grounding on the moon. Like an archaeologist excavates for clues to piece together history. Like an urban designer arranges cities to build community. Like a cartographer weaves lines on maps. Like an architect choreographs space to make homes.