Dream Country


DREAM COUNTRY: a lost monologue was originally called the Urn Piece, created for three performers in 1988 by Marion D’Cruz and Dancers of Five Arts Centre. The work was inspired by Dream Country, a monologue written by Malaysian playwright Leow Puay Tin about a daughter who brings her mother back to the old country to die. The monologue, now lost, lives on in the performance, presenting images of birth, life and death. 





31 May - 1 June 2012
Presented by Singapore Arts Festival

Led by Marion D'Cruz & Anne James, co-directed by Charlene Rajendran, Claire Wong, Natalie Hennedige, Zizi Azah, in collaboration with 35 female performers (including Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez). 

"A visually arresting piece of work, it takes on an immediacy, a presence in the here and now that rescues it from mere dreamscape. Towers of corporate Singapore, financial centers and media companies, loom over the performers and the audience, disrupting the ethereal quality of the urns and its inhabitants." - Flying Inkpot, Singapore