"If I recall correctly, there were pictures of horses and plastic pot plants."


Harmless misconceptions, contradicting perceptions and affectionate opinion offer us a complex glimpse into the daily lives of the Nicholas Building lift attendants. A blurred portrait, the work is an excavation of the individual and collective memories of tenants, an uncovering of the communal life of the building and an unearthing of how we remember. A work that is as much historiography as it is history.


Listen to a collection of soundscapes, voices and stories celebrating the all-knowing guardians of the Nicholas Building while you journey up the lifts and along a corridor.

Commissioned + Presented by

Melbourne Fringe Festival

11 Aug - 4 Oct 2015


Details on how to attend HERE.


Created by Kerensa Diball & Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez (This Side of the Tracks)

In collaboration with the tenants of the Nicholas Building

Photos: Teresa Noble


Uncommon Places

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