Mama Gladis & Me

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From the coffee plantations of Atiluya and the HDB blocks of bustling Bedok, to the footy-obsessed and sleepy regional town of Geelong, Mama Gladis & Me celebrates the relationship between two women born in tropical lands on either side of the globe.


A performance project and life project by an artist and her mother-in-law, Mama Gladis & Me scrutinizes the role that food plays in the union of two families and two worldviews. Together, they laugh and lament over the power that food has in nurturing, nourishing, protecting, rivaling over and loving a man-son-husband.

Development and residency supported by A is for Atlas,

Creative Spaces &

Carlton Connect LAB-14

28 Feb - 24 Mar 2016


Created by Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez

In collaboration with Gladis Rodriguez